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from 3rd Grade Thoughts

Brain Breaks Revisited: Better Than Ever!

A cute and easy way to do brain breaks. Anytime I think one is necessary in my classroom I would have a student come up and draw from the cup blindly and whichever activity they draw the whole class will do. All these ideas are real simple and provide as a quick break to help refocus my students.


3rd grade and up printable.I know some homeschool but these printables can be used for homeschoolers also.Ithink it is a great way to have fun and actually learn about your child.Funny how sometimes parents are surprised at what children will say


Upper Elementary Snapshots

Jenna's Comment: Just a procedural list of routines students should be aware of or follow. This can definitely be tailored for my own classroom that would tie in to the students cultural norms as well.