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Addition and Subtraction Word Problems Grouped by Problem Type

How do you teach students to truly understand word problems? By helping them to understand the relationship of the numbers and the context of the problem. Some great strategies for teaching word problems.


Maybe an idea for open house? Kids could write and solve their own story problems. Maybe, parents can do at open house for kicks and giggles.


Engage NY, First Grade Math, Module 1, Lessons 1 - 10, PowerPoints

These PowerPoints are designed to support the Engage NY, First Grade Math Curriculum. The PowerPoints go along with your curriculum. They are a visual for the students and they help the teacher keep the lessons flowing. It is a very effective teaching tool, which includes the Fluency Practice, Application Problem, Concept Development, and the Student Debrief.These PowerPoints are for Module 1, Lessons 1 - 10.


Check out this FREE PRODUCT from my Valentine's Day Math Extravaganza pack! Included is one math grame (3 digit addition and subtraction) and 1 st...


Become a Math Lawyer, Defend Your Answer! This poster/label set reminds students that solving a problem is more than just writing down an answer. ...


Strategy Toolbox By: Danelle Keninger. Best Practices  Word Sorts  Character Map  Problem Solutions  Sensory Imagery  Concept Question Chain  Learning.


FREE Use dice in your classroom!??Your kiddos will LOVE using these worksheets during centers or small group time along with a pair of dice! Students can create addition problems, subtraction problems, or compare two numbers just by rolling a pair of dice!