Nautical Americana 48 Star Navy Ensign No. 5 1900 " USS Boston" Philippines 1900 This is a hand stitched official 48 vs. 45 Star, U.S. Navy Ensign that was made in the naval shipyard in Cavite, Manila Bay, Philippines following the Battle of Manila Bay. The reason for it being made as a 48 Star flag rather than the official 45 Star flag has been lost to the vagaries of history.

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Incredible photograph of a young child holding America's new 48 star Flag, ca. 1912

1912 Golden Potlatch -- Medal with Flag rev. Statehood for New Mexico (47)and Arizona (48) 1912 This one of first medal uses with 48 star flag.

I love the idea of the eagle with the American flag as wings, but maybe only one wing and a profile view.

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A personal favorite from my Etsy shop

USA 48 star 12in x 18in Stick Flag by US Flag Store. $2.20. Sewn Edges. Low Cost Shipping Available!. Mounted to a 24" Stick with Gold Spear Tip. 12" x 18" Stick Flag. Printed Poly-Cotton Fabric. USA 48 star flag as adopted in 1912, two stars were added, representing Arizona and New Mexico, bringing the total number of states to 48. This was the USA flag for 47 years. The 48 star flag was in service during both World War I and World War II. Our USA 48 star flag 12" x 18" i...

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