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What Are The Best 529 College Savings Plans Available?

Why put their college money into just a savings account? Instead consider a 529 College Savings Plan. What Are The Best 529 College Savings Plans Available?

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College Savings: When an UTMA Beats a 529 plan

Have you ever wondered about the differences between an UTMA account and a 529 plan for college savings? I'll compare these two and tell you what we use.

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529 College Savings VS IRAs: Why Your Children Should Have BOTH

What is the difference between having a 529 savings plan for your children and an IRA savings plan for your kids. Let me clear this one up!

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Ruffle Chambray Dress (Baby Girls)

Pippa & Julie Ruffle Chambray Dress (Baby Girls) available at #Nordstrom

A MUST-READ!!: Saving For Kids' College Education—What You Need To Know: TOP 10 FAQs about 529 Plans

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How to get started with a 529 Plan + a College Savings Calculator

Wondering how to get started saving for your kids' College? I want to show you how easy 529 accounts can be PLUS a free calculator! #ad #HerestoFirsts

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How Much You Should Have In A 529 Plan By Age

How much you should have in a 529 plan to save for college for your children by age, including high and low contributions for school. via @collegeinvestor

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Why You Need to Set up a 529 College Savings Plan for Your Kids

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