At lunch my aunt said cake and I was like "OH SNAP CAKEEE" I'm pretty sure they think I'm mental... - Jenna Xx

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Everybody's staring at how cute Luke and Calum are but I'm here just staring at Luke's biceps...OMGGGGH

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Cake <3......i hope that people dont go crazy like they did with larry and they wont hang out anymore.....its a depressing thing to think about....<<i know right

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Definitely! <3 "My Cake Is Better Than Yours" <3 Calum & Luke <3 5 Seconds Of Summer 5SOS

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Calum please put on a belt! <<<<<<< I love calum without a belt (;

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5sos, asleep, beanie, cake, calum hood, luke hemmings, otp, ship ...

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I feel like if I was in a bad mood before the show or something I would do this.

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if i could describe 5sos in a gif < we just need food in there and it's perfection<< we need Panda Express in there

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