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Imagine: you're the boys best friend.. (c)5SOS_Imagining I could be their best friend I could definitely put up with them I love all of them

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Damn what did Calum do in their relationship for her to really not want to be with him??

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hey loves!!!!!! check out my new 5sos girlfriend (wife) club group board!!!! (its just for fun)

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[Open be cal and maybe luke. CREDIT TO @rahhhh2!] I sigh as I send you the dirty text. God you would be mad at me and luke even though he didnt do anything. I was at a party and we were playing truth or dare and this was my dare and the worst part was I couldnt tell you it was fake. I wiggle in my seat as I start to get nervous. I whimper softly when I get a text saying...

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Ok so calum smokes but with the support of fans and family,he'll quit. Luke and ash were hanging out with a girl,so what? That doesn't mean they're dating and we know they would tell us if they were. And comment if you love michael's man cave!

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