And people still wonder why I am obsessed with music/singers? (One Direction, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Austin Mahone, Little Mix, Five Seconds Of Summer, honestly the list could go on forever!)

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NOT OKAY. Although Austin said he'd remember me forever because I was "the cutest, sweetest thing ever" soooooo like yeahhhh c:

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Omg they aren't fat or ugly and never where! They where always and are adorable

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AH DAMN IT MY FINGER SLIPPED >.< <<< SAME<<<<<FUCK I DIDNT MEAN IT MY FINGER SLIPPED<<nuhuh not my fault*smiles like an idiot*

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#weloveyoumikey <<< OMG!!! Mikey NO!!!! #weloveyoumikey>> IVE THEORIZED ABOUT THIS FOR MONTHS OKAY AND NOW IM SAD NOW I DONT LIKE BEING RIGHT THIS TIME<<<#weloveyoumikey

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This just makes me so sad because it's true.... OKAY REPINNING THIS AGAIN ITS SO TRUE MAKES ME SAD

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Not counting tomorrow bc idk if it's gonna work out but counting my SLFL show I need to see them 2 more times for it to be 10 times I've seen them.

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Imagine: you're the boys best friend.. (c)5SOS_Imagining I could be their best friend I could definitely put up with them I love all of them

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