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King Khafre ~ The-Old-Kingdom (2778-2065-BC). I love the Old Kingdom art. 4700 years old and just spectacular.

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Last member of 65,000-year-old tribe dies, taking one of world's earliest languages to the grave

Boa Sr, who died last week aged about 85, was the last native of the Andaman Islands who was fluent in Bo

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The Train to Heaven (Polish: Pociąg do nieba) in Wrocław, Poland, is a monument to the rolling stock factory, which was once located in the town. Artist Andrzej Jarodzki used a 65-year old steam engine and 30-meter long rails to depict a train climbing to the sky. Commissioned in 2010, it is largest monument in Poland and weighs 80 tons.

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14 Classic College Books You’ll Want to Read Again as a Real Adult

14 Books Every Woman Should Read as an Adult. I have read a few, but I strive to read a few more!

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My new decor in my 65 year old classroom. Amazing what some fabric, butcher paper, and plastic table cloths can do!

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