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Our Lady of Sorrows Prayer Card

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An explanation of the devotion to Our Lady of Sorrows, the associated promises, and prayers.

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I grieve for You , O Mary most sorrowful for all the pains You suffered on earth and in Heaven, from all who should love You and yet deny You. Amen.

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The Seven Sorrows of Mary Devotion, including the meditations on each of the Seven Sorrows of the rosary. Normally, 7 Hail Marys are prayed for each sorrow, rather than one as given here. The rosary is presented in text and as a podcast. I like to listen as I read and pray the meditation for each sorrow. (from Discerning Hearts)

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A MOTHER AND HER SON! ~ LA MADRE CON SU HIJO - Feast Of Our Lady Of Sorrows, Sept. 15th - BVM IHS

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Theotokos Seven Arrows/ “Softener of Evil Hearts”---Jesus our brother; Mary, our Mother, Jesus the King, his mother the Queen. Mary, Arch of the New Covenant, Jesus the new Adam, Mary the new Eve. An Angel, hailed her first, and the Father espoused her. Mary will always point to Jesus." My soul magnifies the Lord"...our God and our Savior.

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