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Bubblegum                                                       …

flowerchild makeup, emphasis on the dark eyeliner and eyelashes, and I really love the natural lip.

70s party (help)

Black and white eyeliner: a how-to on the biggest, brightest retro eye makeup! Would look beautiful with a black cut crease

eyes This photograph is of a popular super model 'Twiggy' from the 1960's. I really like this photograph because it shows all the stages of how make-up was applied during everyday wear. from this photograph shown I can see how much eye make-up is used from painting to sticking on false eye lashes.

Madame Soufflé ❥ smells like Vintage, tastes like Soufflé: How to Get Twiggy…

70s classic look                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais

Magazine: Elle Sweden, March 2012 Title: Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee Photographer: Peter Gehrke Featuring: Mona Johannesson Stylist: Lisa Lindqwister - The beauty shots in this editorial are amazing.