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How can anyone in the 70's forget 8-Track tapes and the player in every dashboard of the It was worse when there was an 8-Track player in the house.


Columbia Record Club allowed you to choose whether you wanted you music sent to you in the form of reel to reel tape, cassette tapes, 8-track tapes, or 12 LP vinyl records

from R We There Yet Mom?

Camping is Good. Part One (How we go

8 Track Tapes - Probably the first media containing "on demand" music. These could go with you in your car if you had an 8 track player. But, there was no rewind. If you wanted to hear that song again, you forwarded until you thought you were close enough to it, then hit play, forward, play, forward, oops...missed the beginning of the song...forward, play, forward...