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90 Gallon Fish Tank

DIY Project Accessories, Gumball Machine Fish Bowl

1. Large gumball machine with metal, removable top. The machine needs to be at least 16 inches tall, and hold at least a gallon of water. Smaller gumball machines will not hold enough water for a fish to live comfortably, 2. Circle of glass, cut to size needed (see Step 5 for more details), 3. Silicone aquarium sealant, 4. Decorative clear glass marbles (These are available in the fish department of most pet stores. However, they are considerably cheaper at a arts and craft…

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90 gallon fish aquarium tank, stand, canopy, sump, filter and more

Fish Tank Stands | 90 Gallon Fish Aquarium Tank Stand Canopy Sump Filter and More | eBay

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