Rachel Green had fashion on point. I remember this outfit so clearly with the high socks, plaid skirt, and turtleneck. I do not see the high socks yet today but the plaid skirt and turtleneck are seen and still just as fashionable.

Easy to do and I have all the items already basically. Sexy but totally obvious

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Group Costume: Spice Girls

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Puma 90s hip hop track top jacket from dirtysaint from ASOS

Puma hip hop track top jacket from dirtysaint * I really love these giant windbreaker things. I'd like to have some signature jacket like this for Carlos that he just wears all the time, maybe similar to the one with the sports insignia*

Cute denim overalls

12 razones por las que los 2000 están de vuelta en la moda

Have a Bomb.Com '90s Bachelorette Bash!

Have a Bomb.Com '90s Bachelorette Bash!

Ladies click the link in my bio to take the quiz Which Decade Should You Really Be Living In? and tell me what you get! (I got obviously!

Figurino Figurante - sem essas cores, mas gostei do modelo.

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Costuming for BeeBee. Due to her problems that she has faced with her drinking problems, not feeling like she exactly fits in or having an idea of who she is. I feel she would hide behind her elaborate style and "trying too hard". To seem impressive, or up to par with Sooze.

grunge outfit oversized jean jacket with red flannel shirt paired under, black top with jean shorts space buns and circler glasses

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Following on the 90s grunge trend this #AW14 - Here are 106 Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired by the '90s - love the mask (Jim Carrey) costume...x

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