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The emotional stages of a CRUSH (26 photos)

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Every directioner in the world.... (p.s. It's a ton more than a crush for us or at least a ton of us)

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Having A Crush Perfect Description

For me, it was a bit different. I once fell for "Joe", who was blonde, blue-eyed, and so handsome I could just die. I was sure that if he would just give me wings, I would be able to jump off a cliff and fly. That feeling of wanting to fly, but being reminded over and over that if he hands out wings, it probably won't be me. Later, I got to date him, but the guy who gave me wings, is the man I married.

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9 Completely Accurate Crappy Charts That Explain Having A Crush

Any physical contact beyond hug and you will literally burst into flames. | 9 Completely Accurate Crappy Charts That Explain Having A Crush

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The 6 Types Of Attraction

Laws of Attraction: The Difference Between a "Squish" and a Crush ... Ugh! Having such a hard time verbally explaining to myself the difference between romantic and platonic love. They feel so similar, yet slightly different to me!

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I have a Crush on You soda Can Valentine Free Printable

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8 Hilarious Memes That Perfectly Sum Up What It Feels Like To Have A Crush

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Having a crush on someone. 5% go talk to them. 95% imagine a relationship with them. My life.

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