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A In Bubble Letters

Bubble Letter Alphabet

Got an emerging reader on your hands? Have your kid color in this bubble alphabet. It's a fun and easy way to practice letter recognition skills.


Print out letters to form a word such as "Popcorn". Color in a bubble when class is doing something good. When all bubbles are filled in, the class gets a popcorn party.


5/6 - Beginning of year Perspective Name study Students measured a space to create bubble letters for their name. Then they used a vanishing point to put the name in perspective. A finishing touch was the students' "favorite something" illustrated in the background.


Back to school activity-use the overhead to create a silhouette or trace and fill with things that make you special or you like. These could be cool to keep posted in the after school center. Or you can have them do their names in bubble letters, decorate the inside with designs.


Check out this amazng teacher aide and artist's website. She creates these incredible colouring sheets, alphabets and more, and you can either print and colour them by hand, or use a program like paint to colour them on the computer