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Now that's really interesting. Have to try morphine first and decide


The Purity of a Kiss

The Purity of a Kiss - I think kissing is the most pure and raw form of physical contact there could ever be. Sex is intimate, sure, but you can have sex with anyone. A kiss though, my god. A kiss can change your world. A small touch between two pairs of lips can blow your mind. Whether it be short and sweet, or long and intense. And when you find someone that looks at you like you’re more beautiful than a blossoming rose... ~(jpzg) #romantic #quotes #kiss #kissing #love #relationships


25 Sweet Things to say to your Girlfriend And here I thought it was because hes a foot taller than me. Live this man even more now. Didnt think that was possible


I look at you and what to kiss you. More than anything I just want a kiss. A kiss to tell me that you trust your lips against mine. A kiss to prove to me that I can still see the world with my eyes closed. A kiss to remind me that actions truly do speak louder than words. I look at you `` and I just want to kiss you.


Just one kiss. Sometimes that's all it takes for a heart to lose its balance. And sometime we want nothing more than the chance to fall. - JmStorm


OMG-True! You can tell a lot from a kiss!!! If it's always quick, closed mouth & forceful, the man is prudish, unromantic & likely afraid of intimacy. If he bypasses your lips & tongue is immediately down your throat, he may be pushy, demanding & domineering. The BEST KISSER is the man who understands how many nerve endings are around the mouth & will softly stimulate with a sweet lip kiss that builds into one that is hungry & wet. (Such a kiss creates uncontrollable longing in a woman.)


The act of passionate kissing should never be taken lightly. A kiss when done right can ignite a fire within, it can do more than any touch, it can breathe life into a soul and fan embers long forgotten or as yet discovered.