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Kon comes home and, 'hey, guys have you seen Tim?' 'yeah, he's upstairs sleeping.' 'no, he's not,' Kon screws his eyebrows up in confusion. 'yes, he--' 'no, his heart rate is too high--i don't know what he's doing, but he's not sleeping or resting. my guess would be that he's probably working on a case--' 'TIMOTHY!'


A similar thing happened at Dallas A-kon. I was taking a picture of all the Striders and Terezi comes buy with a suitcase, opens it up and take a big jar of apple juice out. Then she put it in front of them all and walked off. After the photo, all the Daves started drinking it.


MIllion Dollar Spaghetti

Spaghetti, spaghetti sauce, beef and cream cheese mixture meal ... that tastes like a million bucks.


" Ele nem é humano . Um espírito modificado , uma balinha dentro de um leão de pelúcia . Como ele poderia ser um HEROE ? Mas não interessa a capa que o veste se o seu conteúdo está cheio de heroísmo . Ele é tão humano quanto qualquer um . Pq ele se importa e se importando ele ruge . E ele se tranforma em um HEROE . Alguém duvida ? " by P!v


zifelline: “ I’m at a-kon! If you see me say hi! But wave really close in front of me and shout “Vidalia” because I can’t see anything without my glasses ”


"Paprika" (パプリカ Papurika) es una película de Kon Satoshi. La doctora Atsuko Chiba a través de su alter-ego Paprika mediante el uso del Mini DC, intenta ayudar a la gente a tratar sus ansiedades introduciéndose en sus sueños. El problema comienza cuando roban el prototipo, donde Paprika entrará más aun en acción. Sin duda es muy recomendable, la imaginación se expande por todos los lados al verla. Una gran película para mí. =)


bartallen: batromance: samarecarm: colour-me-orange asked: YOU STILL TAKING REQUESTS/SUGGESTIONS? If so, would you draw a group shot of Tim, Kon and Bart? Also - You’re awesome, just sayin’! Thank you for the kind comment and for requesting! I love these kids so I had a lot of fun drawing this, even though all the anatomy/colors/usual stuff need a lot of work. Hope you rike eet! boooys also fucking adorable the bart gods have been kind to me AW YES YES YES!!! That’s just PERFE...