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Man O War: just read the fictional story of him by Walter Farley . What a great horse!

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Seabiscuit - descendant of Man O' War - confirmation was less than perfect - used as a training horse to help Granville learn to win races - but he overcame the odds because Seabiscuit had the heart of a champion

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I have been around horses my entire life and have a tendency to see them while driving. They are such incredible animals and embody such a majestic beauty and intelligence.

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blue+roan+brabant+draft+horse+stallion | Beautiful blue roan draft | Pretty horses

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"When the human calls the horse dumb, stupid, stubborn, etc., they are working from where they are, not where the horse is." — Ray Hunt....And that in a nutshell is how I teach. You can teach all the technical stuff in the world but until you unravel the above you can never create the magic that is available between horse and man...and in the process become a much better person. (Image of Ray is by Susan Muncaster.)

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Horse therapy: It has been proven that working (brushing, riding etc) with horses is good medicine for humans whether riding or brushing. The saying is so true: "The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man."

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Man o’ War: The Most Famous Horse That Never Ran In The Kentucky Derby

MAN O' WAR: The most famous horse to NEVER run the Kentucky Derby! READ OUR BLOG POST: Learn a bit about what made him so special, and see a wonderful video documentary about him. . .CLICK HERE:

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A Man Called Horse 1970 full movie