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Battleship in math class. Taking it in a slightly more advanced direction, lets make a 4 quadrant Battleship grid. And lets require kids to write equations in slope-intercept form, graph them, and develop a strategy for this process. (Putting equations in point-slope would be a great substitute if you want one.) P1


A wonderful and very unusual compartment locket from the 1950's era! This beautiful locket has the shape of a 4-leaf clover which is formed by 4 individual hearts. Made of 14kt yellow gold, each of the heart faces open to reveal a small compartment. The surface of each has a simple etched design and 3 vibrant rubies which are set within a small starburst design.


The Best Sweet Yeast Roll Dough I Have Ever Found


DIY Twig Wreath ~ Shape heavy rusty wire into a 4" circle (old wire coat hanger or use small wreath form). Collect twigs, make bundles using more wire - leave enough wire to fasten to circle. Trim bottoms so bundles are about 6" or 7" long. Make 15 or 20 bundles (this wreath took 17). Attach bundles one at a time, laying them horizontal with the wire frame & overlapping each.


Volodyovski (1898–1911) British Thoroughbred racehorse & sire. Career lasted from 1900 to 1902, he ran 26 times & won 7 races. After being one of the leading 2 year olds of 1900, he went on to win the Epsom Derby in 1901. His subsequent form was disappointing & he was retired to stud after failing to win in 11 starts as a 4 year old. He made no impact as a stallion. - Volodyovski: Lithograph after painting by James Lynwood Palmer (1868-1941)


Contemporary Fire Opal Ring - Mark Schneider Design, Platinum ring accented with 18k rose gold with a 4.90ct free form fire opal, 0.18ctw white diamonds, 0.54ctw natural yellow diamonds, and 0.08ctw naural brown diamonds.


PASSIONATE (MID) Introduced in 2008. Great garden color and a cut flower too, this variety produces 4” blooms of magenta. Flower color is a nice combination against the dark stems on the 4' bush.


Visiting the Meramac Caves in Missouri. It was such an awesome sight for Frankie and I. We were around 10 & 11.... Loved going camping, sliding down hills and exploring the land.