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Aaron Copland. Hoe Down from Rodeo (four dance episodes). Favorites from my childhood.

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Aaron Copland (1900-1990) American composer, his most famous pieces being 'Appalachian Spring' and 'Fanfare for the Common Man.' Marxist? Friend of Pete Seeger's father cofounded Composers Collective

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Composer Aaron Copland was born in Brooklyn of Lithuanian Jewish descent, on November 14, 1900. Before emigrating from Russia to the United States, Copland's father, Harris Morris Copland, Anglicized his surname "Kaplan" to "Copland".

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Aaron Copeland - Fanfare for the Common Man. -- For me this music represent the assents of The USA and the American way of life in the past and in the days to come.

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Bestseller Books Online What to Listen For in Music (Signet Classics) Aaron Copland $7.95 - http://www.ebooknetworking.net/books_detail-0451531760.html

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