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Want a good weighted ab workout? Next time try these. I often see people doing this on their knees and I think this is a much better way to do it. You get greater range of motion and control, you don't hurt your knees and if you use a back pad from the squat rack behind the butt you can lean right up against the machine If you want more ab workouts to build your core and make those abs pop, check out my website for my Ab Define guide link in my bio @LaurenDrainFit


ab workout 20min bike Reverse crunches Russian twist Leg raise Side machine crunch Crunches Heel touch Knees raise 15 reps 3 sets each exercise. ///////////////////Hey guys, you all ask me about how I got my abs? here some of my fav ab workouts that I do 3-4 times a week. || Side crunch machine 15/3 each side || Leg raise on parallel bars 15/3 || Russian twist 15/3 || Crunches 25/3 || V crunch 15/3 || Heel touches 15/3 + healthy diet of course!!! (I'll write about my diet tomorrow)

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This ab exercise Im showing here is one of my favorites!! I usually do this at the smith machine. I lower the bar if the smith to the height that my hands are at in the photo (and weight the bar for safety). I do it as I show here.. but there are also thr