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Abandon Synonym


Tempus fugit: 50 of the most magical and beautiful castles of the world

Caerlaverock Castle ruins near Dumfries, Scotland - Caerlaverock castle is a moated, triangular fortress, that is unique in Scotland. It was a frontline defense against the English, as it was constructed near the solway firth, which is the border between England and Scotland. Constructed in the 13th century, by the Maxwell family, it saw much action, and many sieges. After a siege in 1640, the castle was abandoned forever.


Will try and find sympathy )by any means possible) for how he/she was 'mistreated' or 'abandoned' until the day they die, even though staying would drive you to madness.


Day one of the school holidays is nearly over and I'm still continuing with the war on WIPs 😜 Today's tally: 20 Panama Pyramids 2 Rosettes for my Blissful Abandon quilt. Now pouring myself a cold glass and joining #saturdaynightcraftalong with @barefootcrafter and thinking about this project. Looking for some shorter synonyms for SLEEP. I have KIP from @raspberryspool and MOE from @verenajohnston R.E.M. From @apatheticquilter Got any other short 😴 😴😴😴 words for me? ------ Word…

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Rare Photos Of Audrey Hepburn Remind Us Why She's Still A Style Icon

Sunday marks what would have been Audrey Hepburn's birthday. Her philanthropic and film work live on, as do the images of her impeccable style. Here peruse 15 seldom seen, very chic photos of the iconfrom Richard Avedon lensed BAZAAR covers to