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Elephant Information for Kids: What do elephants eat? Where do elephants live? How long do elephants live? How does an elephant sound? Do you know the weight of an elephant? Let us learn about some interesting facts about elephants. This educational video for kids will help your children learn about elephants as well as showing some interesting facts about elephants for children. We also included elephant sounds, HD footage of an african elephant, information about elephants habitat and a…


12 Things You Might Not Know About Elephants

Elephants are under extreme pressure from the thriving ivory trade in China and Thailand, while unsustainable human population growth is taking its toll on elephant habitat.


Large leafed elephant ear is impressive in landscapes. Learn all about elephant ear here: #Alocasia #Colocasia #ElephantEar #Caladium


Get the new Wild About Elephants reusable bag at Woolworths and carry-a-cause!


Elephant Rescue: All About Elephants and How to Save Them (Paperback)


Elephants : Elephants Research Flipbook ALL ABOUT ELEPHANTS "ALL ABOUT ELEPHANTS" is a six-page resource that consists of the following: * 5 pages of black and white templates that can be used to create a research report flipbook on elephants * a grading rubric