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Warrior Goddess Training, a book by HeatherAsh Amara. Download TWO FREE chapters here:


King Geedorah is yet another alias of Daniel Dumile (AKA MF Doom). And like just about all of his output, this one doesn't disappoint. Sample-wise, "Take Me To Your Leader" does for Godzilla what Doom's "Mm.. Food" did for The Fantastic Four. Brilliant, lo-fi samples & an interesting cadre of rap geniuses. He teams up with his former partner MF Grimm (who assumes the alias Jet-Jaguar) & Kurious (who goes by Biolante, but can be traced as far back as 3rd Bass' "Pop Goes The Weasel").

from Etsy

All about Me - will have to make something like this for Owen's birthday. $40.00, via Etsy.