Vampire Hunter (2012)Abraham Lincoln: History prefers legends to men. It prefers nobility to brutality, soaring speeches to quiet deeds. History remembers the battle, but forgets the blood. Whatever history remembers me, if it remembers anything at all, it shall only remember a fraction of the truth. For whatever else I am, a husband, a lawyer... a president... I shall always think of myself first and foremost... as a hunter.

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I saw these items at the Abraham Lincoln Museum in Springfield, Ill. This is probably one of his hats. He often stored important documents under there and, "fished" them out when he needed them.

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Abraham Lincoln helped influence antislavery. Many people didn't support his idea, however some did. I feel that Abraham Lincoln started the wave, or was the first to speak out loud, of all race wanting equality.

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Ford's Theatre-where President Abraham Lincoln was shot by John Wilkes Booth at the end of the Civil War.

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I admire Abraham Lincoln, and have listened to some short stories about his life as a youth. Great Character and Temperance. He was a gentle hearted and a caring man.

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