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The Life of a Legend: President Abraham Lincoln Infographic. Get details about Abraham Lincoln's genealogy & family tree, discover facts about his life & more in this Infographic from


Fido - Abraham Lincoln's Dog, the first president's dog to be photographed, was also murdered like his master. A year after Lincoln's death, Fido went to lick the face of a drunk passed out. The drunk woke and seeing a dog, not knowing he was friendly to all, stabbed him to death!


This artwork of President Abraham Lincoln, his wife, and two sons, Robert and Tad, was found in a family album belonging to Mrs. James Gaines of Philadelphia. Because it shows the entire Lincoln family, it is considered quite rare. Its owner is a descendant of William Wallace, who was married to one of Mary Todd's sisters.


President Abraham Lincoln's Slippers. Abraham Lincoln wore these size 14 goat slippers while relaxing at home, right up until the day he was assassinated. Soon to be displayed at President Lincoln's Cottage in Washington, D.C.,


Abraham Lincoln Home - Springfield, Illinois, where Lincoln lived from 1844-61, before becoming the 16th President. The house, purchased by Lincoln & his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln in 1844, was the only home Lincoln ever owned. The house contains twelve rooms spread over two floors. During the time he lived here, Lincoln was elected to the House of Representatives in 1846 & elected President in 1860. Lincoln's son, Robert Todd Lincoln donated the family home to the State of Illinois in 1887.


Early, three-quarters length portrait of young Mary Todd Lincoln, shortly after the time of her marriage to Abraham Lincoln. (photo c. 1846). *s*