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A Fun Game for Absolute Value!

Pinterest says the link is bad but I think the picture is a great workshop game... Math Game Monday ~ Absolute Value War Freebie All you need is a deck of cards!

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Absolute Value - This animated Math Shorts video explains absolute value, as demonstrated on the number line and through a real-life example. In the accompanying classroom activity, students watch the video and then play a game in which they move a penny along a number line in positive and negative directions. #AbslouteValue #Math #MathVideo

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Absolute Value Maze Game Activity

Absolute Value Mazes are an engaging activity to practice finding absolute value. Great for differentiation, stations or centers, partner work, or homework.

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Absolute Value Equations Flipbook

absolute value equations flipbook for interactive notebooks

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absolute value machine project ile ilgili görsel sonucu

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Math Lesson – "Absolute Value Footloose" Students and teachers love Footloose! Students enjoy the movement while they are reviewing concepts; teachers enjoy the high level of student engagement and the quick/easy preparation. Absolute Value Footloose includes a set of 30 question cards, requiring students to identify absolute value, compare and order absolute values and integers, and apply absolute value to real-life situations.

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