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IQ Gates are fully certified under the ‘Gate Safe’ legislation and can provide you with the full installation of gate, automation, access control and safety equipment as well as a full service package.

IP AND SMART PHONE ACCESS CONTROL IP Access Controls allow you to control access to a property via a smart phone or tablet app anywhere in the world via a wifi signal. These smart home automation entry systems connect via your property internet connection to a smart phone or tablet. You can connect up to 10 devices for a single occupancy home and can also be configured for multiple tenancy residences.

How your gate reacts to you and your visitors is fully customisable thanks to our extensive range of access controls. Access control can be as simple as pressing a button or as advanced as your smart home technology systems. IQW Gates can offer a full range of access interfaces and designs to suit all automated gate types, buildings and building designs.

Digitalor Install Access Control for Shenzhen Stock Exchange - Digitalor Inc.

HOMELINK® ACCESS CONTROL HomeLink® is the UK’s most trusted wireless control system for automated entrance gates. The HomeLink® system is integrated into your car interior allowing you to easily open and close your gates, as well as other automated elements of your home, from inside your car without having to hunt for your key fob! Simply press a button inside your car and your gates will open and close automatically without you having to leave the car.

AUDIO & VIDEO INTERCOMS Simple audio or video intercom access panels can be used for you to easily determine who visitors are before allowing them entry into the property. Smart and contemporary access intercoms are available for a modern design and are suitable for a large range of building types with integrated keypad entry if required. The type and design or intercom device you chose will depend on the type of control and access you would like to your gates.

KEY FOB ACCESS All automated entrance gates from IQ Gates will be installed with a standard remote key fob for basic access. These remote controls can easily be attached to a set of keys and with a simple press of the button your entrance gate will open, allowing you access to the property. IQ’s warehousing and logistic facilities allow these remote key fobs to be kept in stock. Should yours become lost or broken they can be easily replaced for you by IQ Gates.

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NON-WIRED GSM PHONE ENTRY These adaptable entry controls act as a static phone entry system. GSM entry panels call a designated telephone number to alert you to a visitor. You can store up to 2 phone numbers; usually the landline and a mobile which allows you to answer the entry call and open the automated gates when away from the property. As these systems are non-wired they are perfect for renovation projects or buildings where extensive electrical wiring is not possible.

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Linear - electronic access control cylindrical lockset (right hand opening)

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