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Trends in Access to Health Care Services for US Children: 2000–2014 | Articles | Pediatrics

Pro-life Catholic Barth & Abby Bracy sue over ‘abortion fee mandate’ - As pro-life Catholics, Barth and Abbie Bracy don’t want to pay for health insurance that covers elective abortion, but under the Affordable Care Act, they don’t have much choice. The Bracys’ health-insurance plan is set to expire in November, and all policies currently offered by Access Health CT, Connecticut’s health care exchange, include coverage for elective abortions.


"The U.S. government has been preoccupied with health care 'reform,' but this refers to improving access and insurance coverage and has little or nothing to do with innovation.", Eric Topol

a step-by-step guide through the options and requirements for health coverage under the Affordable Care Act beginning in 2014, including coverage through an employer, coverage through a health insurance exchange, and coverage through Medicaid. From Kaiser Family Foundation via JAMA.


'Socialist' Swedes Take to Private Health Insurance. Tired of long waits and inadequate care, Swedes increasingly purchase private health insurance policies to gain access to the care the state can't provide.

Matembe calls Dr Diana Atwiine's pledge to improve health care a daily song - #Uganda Dr Miria Matembe a former ethics minister in PresidentbYoweri Musevenis government and now activist has described Dr Diana Atwiine's pledge to improve health care as new Permanent Secretary of Health a daily song. According to Matembe all the people who have been in Dr Atwiines chair or even in higher offices have said the same thing but things remain the same as they were found. In resposnse Dr Atwiine…

NY—Elderly beneficiaries enrolled in Medicare plans are more satisfied with their health insurance, have better access to care, and are less likely to have

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US Health Insurer Premera Hacked, 11m Records Accessed