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Crisp Point Light, Two Heart - Vermillion, on the shore of Lake Superior. Take M123 out of Paradise. Keep going west to Northwestern Rd.(County Rd 500); Northwestern eventually becomes Little Lake Harbor Rd(still 500). Keep going north to Rd 412; take 412 to the right. 412 should also be named Crisp Point Rd. Take 412 to the lighthouse. Designated as "one of the most remote lighthouses in the United States". The winter after this shot was taken the access bldg was lost to shore erosion.

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Shell Island, Panama City, FL Accessable only by boat. A gorgeous Island with crystal clear emerald waters and a beach loaded with seashells and sand dollars; hence the name "SHELL-Island" :)

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Brad Loekle on

Gotta love that argument-----The answer is simple--take religion out of all holidays and give them` neutral names. Also, change the name "holiday" to "labour free day".

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The Antelope Canyon is the most-visited slot canyon in the American Southwest. Located on Navajo land in Arizona its Navajo name means “the place where water runs through rocks”. Its shades of layered browns and powerful light reflection makes it a “must see” place.

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A stirring symbol of freedom, the Statue of Liberty has been a beacon in New York Harbor since 1886. With her torch ablaze more than 300 feet (91.5 meters) above the ground, "Liberty Enlightening the World" (the statue’s official name) is only accessible via commercial ferries, which offer amazing vantage points for the perfect vacation snapshot. Once on Liberty Island, free National Park Service tours fill in the details about sculptor-designer Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi’s copper-sheeted…

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Lemurian Seed crystals are a special variety of clear quartz. Lemurian Seed brings a connection with the Divine Feminine and a unification of the soul. Named for the ancient fabled civilization of Lemuria, they open access to knowledge and ancient wisdom of a different consciousness.

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7 Unreliable Narrators to Twist Your Next Plot

The Character Most Writers Get Wrong (And How to Fix It) AKA - The Unreliable Narrator

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