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Look for major MEP/PEP legislation to be reintroduced in early 2017. Know more at:

What Is The Section 4(a)(5) Accredited Investor Exemption?

U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission; An Introduction to Mutual Funds. Lots of good info to study.

Rule 506(c) allows issuers to engage in general solicitation and advertising but the issuer must verify the accredited investor status of purchasers in...

Steve Case: It’s Crazy You Have To Be An Accredited Investor, But Don’t Have To Be An “Accredited Gambler”

AOL founder Steve Case has a three-point plan to get job growth back on track in America, and it all revolves around ways the government can spur more..

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Accredited Investor Lists For Sale

Investor Bulletin: Accredited Investors |

Posted by Brenda Hamilton, Securities Lawyer - Accredited Crowdfunding under Rule 506 (c) of Regulation D is often used in going public transactions.

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