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Congratulations, yet again, on making unfounded accusations based solely on your own insecurities.

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Indeed!!!!! You have proven that once a cheater always a cheater. I have no idea how K put up with you so long. It only took me 2 years

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Don't assume and don't accuse unless you know it to be fact! You hurt people when you make accusations that are not true! Just because someone else said something or you heard something about another person, doesn't make it true!!!!!

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One of the clearest indicators you’ve got a mentally unstable person on your hands is smear campaigning. Smear campaigners carefully and strategically use lies, exaggerations, suspicions and false accusations to try destroying your credibility. They hide behind a cloak of upstanding heroism and feigned innocence in an attempt to make as many people as possible think their efforts are based not on their vindictiveness, but on upstanding concern.

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Keep your mouth shut in other people's circumstances and don't accuse. Only an idiot gets themselves involved in other people's issues. Don't make accusations when you don't witness. Just because someone tells you something, doesn't make it true.....

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"Do your research and get your facts straight before throwing labels on people. False accusations are a serious matter in the deen. Wise up." - Yusha Evans

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When someone accuses you of doing something you're not doing, it's usually because they're the ones doing it.

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