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A $9,000 laptop with a 21-inch curved screen. Welcome to 2017.

The Acer Predator 21 X has a 21-inch curved screen with insides so powerful it requires two power supplies.

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Acer palmatum "Deshojo" Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree. I love bonsai trees. Please check out my website thanks.

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Full size picture of Japanese Maple 'Kamagata' (Acer palmatum) Great for border to back patio -- nice that it works in container

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Acer Palmatum Fireglow Fireglow is the perfect name for this small upright Japanese maple. The leaves emerge more dark red than purple in spring and are thinner than other cultivars making them somewhat translucent. If sited where it can be viewed with the rising or setting sun behind it the leaves will glow a bright red. Rather slow growing for an upright. Fall colour is bright red. Mature Height: 10-12 ft. Mature Width: 6-8ft.

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View picture of Full Moon Maple, Japanese Maple 'Aureum' (Acer shirasawanum) at Dave's Garden. All pictures are contributed by our community.

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Top wow spots of Olympic National Park

Old Big Leaf Maple Trees Moss and really-big-tree enthusiasts love Olympic. This photograph was taken at the Fairholm camping grounds. Visit the Hoh and Quinault Rain Forests for more giant trees and moss-covered canopies.

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October Glory Maple, 40 x 30. A rapid growing Red Maple cultivar. This ever-popular maple should be considered as a beautiful shade tree addition to any yard. Glistening dark green leaves in spring, summer turn radiant red late fall and last several weeks. Tiny, conspicuous red flowers bloom in spring. Showy red fruit attract many birds and other wildlife.

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