McClelland's Achievement Motivation Theory

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Goal Setting Guide: students and teachers alike can explore this site and learn about goal-setting. Students in any class, let alone a student-centered one, need to have the skill of goal-setting so they can stay on task and be successful.

The most awesome teaching strategy I've seen so far. Visible an reachable achievement walls. Here is an example of basic literacy and numeracy data in the kindergarten classroom. Guildford Public School

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Need some motivation? It can be so hard to keep things on track when work is busy, you're tired or have got a jam-packed social calendar. I'm here to make it wa

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David C. McClelland was an American psychological theorist. Noted for his work on need theory, he published a number of works from the 1950s until the 1990s and developed new scoring systems for the Thematic Apperception Test and its descendants. McClelland is credited with developing the Achievement Motivation Theory commonly referred to as need achievement or n-achievement theory.

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