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An Acquired Taste - Licorice Pudding


Retro furniture is something that has slowly been making a comeback over the last few years. To some it's an acquired taste, but to other...


Traditional Lancashire/Yorkshire Potato Cakes

Traditional Lancashire/Yorkshire Potato Cakes These are not to be confused with Hash Browns or Potato Scallops (or Boxty :-)) - these really are little cakes made from Potato. They may be an acquired taste (I can't tell, because I've been eating them since childhood, so any acquiring I did was a long time ago), especially as the main (almost only) ingredients are potato and plain flour.


A Matcha Latte

Matcha tea is something that you either love, or hate. I completely will admit that it is an acquired taste. The same as green tea, I guess. I know some people who can’t stand it. Well, obvio…

tomato aspic served with avocado and salad shrimp

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Rice, Tapioca, Vanilla, Mango: The Best Crock Pot Pudding Recipes

pineapple_tapioca_6 My Mom used to make huge mixing bowls of Tapioca when she was pregnant with me... For some read reason, she craved it.. and I always disliked it as a child.. I DO like it now, but it was an acquired taste... And my Great-Aunt, so the story went, is that she added a can of tuna fish to a box of tapioca and cooked it all up... I was told it smelled and had a texture that might be similar to eating Fish Eyes.... My family is so damn weird!! Happy holidays.......

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Crawfish Boil

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