Acromion pain

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40-80mg of depomedrone and 0.5% Marcaine Posterior or anterior approach Posterior approach preferred-less apprehension and pain Posteroanterior direction 1.5cm below and 1.5cm medial To posterior corner of the acromion No resistance

The bones and ligaments of the shoulder and rotator cuff are designed to allow an incredible range of motion in the shoulder joint. #shoulderanatomy #skeletalanatomy

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Under acromion lie the rotator cuff tendons=RCT. 4 RCTmuscles: supraspinatus, infraspinatus, subscapularis teres major. Their tendons serve to keep shoulder “in joint” push humeral head down when arm elevated. space between rotator cuff tendons acromion =sub-acromial bursa ( fluid filled sac ensuring rotator gliding smoothly under acromion, particularly when arm is elevated (overhead activities). If rotator acromion rub repeatedly =sub-acromial impingement (tears, inflammations, bursitis)

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The Painful Shoulder: Part I. Clinical Evaluation. - May 15, 2000 - American Family Physician

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