How to make spray paint. Get acryllic paint and a mini spray paint, fill with 1/4 full of water, add rubbing alcohol to the bottle so it's now 1/2 full of liquid, then add accrylic paint and amount is as dark/light as you want, shake and TA DA you have homemade spray paint!!
Moon Stumpp: How to make Acrylic Ink Spray...great for mixed media work
**  DIY how to make your own spray ink
Crystal Clear Acrylic  Clear, protective spray finish for all kinds of arts, crafts, and home décor projects.        Permanent, protective gloss finish      Non-yellowing      Moisture-resistant    Dry to Touch      10 -15 minutes  Dry to Handle      2 hours    For use with      Wood, Metal, Wicker, Plastic, Glass, Plaster, Ceramic, Paper, Paper Mache, Dried/Silk Flowers.
Worst mistake acrylic painters make (about why not to use a lot of water, and tips what to use instead)
DIY - Spray Ink
Marvel Comics Deadpool Wade Wilson Merc with a Mouth Canvas Art Acrylic Spray Splatter Paint Painting
DIY coasters: Buy tile, add modge podge and scrapbook paper, then spray with acrylic spray paint. Great for housewarming gifts :) Thanks for the idea @Maria Neves Hamner!
Ideas for turning regular acrylic paint into spray paint without buying the kits from Miss Martha.  Want to try this for the architectural letters, and see how it would work with the salt/rust/patina faux metal directions.  I do NOT want to use real spray paint in the enclosed craft class room!
'Art Journal Every Day: Make Your Own Spray Ink...!' (via Balzer Designs)
To make your own acrylic spray paint, fill half of your spray bottle with equal parts water and rubbing alcohol. The more paint you add, the more vibrant your spray color will be.
And keep the gold from chipping off costume jewelry with clear gloss acrylic spray. | 21 Ways To Make Your Broken & Boring Jewelry Sparkle Again