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Build anticipation in your screenplay!

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No mercy.

I'm just picturing a Demon threatening a human and the humans just not having any of it and the Demon is trying increasingly frantic ways to scare the human.

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No budget filmmaking maestro Mark Stolaroff is an indie film producer who specializes in No Budget filmmaking. Here's a bit about our guest...

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Percy Jackson II (Memes And More)

still acts like percy after he quit

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Things Magnus Bane 100% does not do: Define himself by what he is.

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Catchingfire. Wow just goes to show you what an amazing actress Jennifer is!

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That's what every fangirl every was thinking<<<Probably a bit more descriptive and us the word hot a lot more

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10 Must Read Books about Kindness for the Classroom

10 Must Read Books about Kindness for the Classroom- Love all the book suggestions in this post! Could use around Valentine's Day or for the beginning of the year.

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30 Random Acts of Kindness in 30 Days - and then some

Leave a note in your favorite book at the library for the next reader. Maybe add some book recommendations of similar books

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“Books choose their authors; the act of creation is not entirely a rational and…

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Vanishing Acts by Jodi Picoult... I am almost done reading all of her books! :)

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15 Secrets To Writing A Successful Novel As Told By Children's Book Authors

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If you've ever tried to shoot a green screen you know it can be tough. If you don't do it right it can be impossible in post but if shot correctly you'll...

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Discover the movie that is now the winner of a record-breaking 7 Golden Globes including Best Picture of the year! Don’t miss Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone in LA LA LAND – Now Playing in theaters! Get tickets by clicking the "visit" button.

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Jason acts older than Percy

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the marauders

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