How to Boost Test Scores with SAT & ACT Online Prep Courses

Boost Test Scores with SAT & ACT Online Prep

Students use SAT & ACT online prep courses to improve scores for college admissions. Here is what you need to know including info about free prep courses

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The Very Best Test Prep Online Resources + Study Tips for ACT/SAT

Find the very best ACT test prep tips and SAT test prep tips for high school students! Learn how to improve your ACT and SAT score. Find hacks and test prep tips to use in studying and taking tests.


Free ACT Reading Passages Strategies and Tips Powerpoint This Powerpoint presentation can be used to help prepare your sophomores and juniors for the ACT® reading test. It includes strategies and tips for the four different reading passages of the test.

30 Good Student Class President Slogans

30 Good Student Class President Slogans

Personal Finance, A+, College Prep This is a graph of what college administrators have said are the most important aspects of a student. This is a solid guide for students to use when they want to improve their chances of being accepted.

The Ultimate ACT Math Prep Guide: Strategies, Topics, and Tips

Need help with ACT math prep? This guide will show you the key strategies, math formulas, and practice materials you need to ace the test.

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Ten-Minute Grammar, Daily ACT Prep, MEGA Bundle, FULL YEAR

Teaching and covering all the grammar standards can be very overwhelming and may even seem impossible. Once I started implementing this daily grammar program