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LDS Activity Day Ideas: Health and Grooming


LDS Pictionary

Bring on the fun with LDS Pictionary. 100 cards to keep the fun going! Each card has an image on it to help those who have difficulty reading as well as to give you a hint of what to draw if you are stumped. Great for: * Last minute lessons- talk about the object in more detail after it's been guess for double points * Family Home Evenings- the lesson or the activity. Either way it's a blast. * Lesson reviews- Choose the cards that relate to your recent LDS…


Thought I would share another activity I had with my Activity Days girls last week. We were on a mission , we went undercover and perfor...


Setting Goals Family Home Evening Lesson + Kit

looking for a great way to teach your kids & older kids/teenagers about goal setting? get these free printable family home evening kits! there are 2 sets: one for older kids/teenagers, and a more simplified version for younger kids. each kit includes suggestions for scriptures, quotes, stories/talks, handouts, songs, and activities. all of them free and printable, of course!! |


Doctrine & Covenants Reading Cards for Primary class