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Ad Libitum

Carina Alfie: Ad Libitum - new CD New CD Ad Libitum Carina Alfie on guitars along with Eva Izurieta as guest in voice and more instrumental themes published in December 2016 more information on official Facebook of Carina Alfie. Carina Alfie Ad Libitum Carina Alfie

"A low-fat, starch-based, vegan diet eaten ad libitum for 7 days results in significant favorable changes in commonly tested biomarkers that are used to predict future risks for cardiovascular disease and metabolic diseases."


5 января в Государственный музей искусств им. А. Кастеева приглашает на Музыкальный вернисаж«Полифония барокко». Камерный ансамбль Ad Libitum (руководитель - Еркен Мурзагалиев) исполнит произведениягениального композитора ...

Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes in Childhood Using a Very-Low-Calorie, (Ketogenic)Diet. African American test subjects. Between 680 and 800 calories, 80–110 g protein (1.5 g/kg lean body mass) and 30 g each of carbohydrate and fat. Subjects consumed 13 oz of lean meats, 3 cups of low-calorie vegetables, and ad libitum low-calorie foods containing Nutrasweet.


Avec son projet Pulp Books, le graphic designer et illustrateur David Redon, aka Ads Libitum, s'amuse à transformer les films cultes de Quentin Tarantino


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