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Adam and Eve / The Fall This is the story about how all of creation changed because people didn’t trust God. He had to plan a big rescue us to bring us close to him again. You can read all about it in Genesis 2 - 3.

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Modern society is greatly removed from the time of Creation and the beginnings of life on Earth. It is also greatly removed from the time of Adam and Eve and the beginnings of God’s Children living on Earth. Today, modern society has turned away from the things of Nature, and instead built a world on top of a world, covering the planet with its Construct.

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Adam Levine And The Lonely Island Seen Filming A New Music Video

Adam Levine In the new Lonely Island video "Yolo (feat. Adam Levine and Kendrick Lamar)". Check it out on YouTube , it's hilarious!!!!

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Video Story: Adam and Eve

Evening Eye Candy: Adam Rodriguez

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A nicely animated retelling of the creation story and Adam and Eve for kids. Video is narrated by John Le Mesurier.

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