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Adam Ant Cartoon

Clearly the BEST COMIC EVER: The Fantastic Adventures of Adam Ant (via Retronaut)

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Alice in Wonderland 1951 Screencaps | Alice in Wonderland - 1951 - alice-in-wonderland Screencap

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Work with me, I've been saying ADAM Ant since I was a little kid, why I never clued in to the coolness of "atom" ant I'm not sure.

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Post-Punk and New Wave music icons as superheroes

Earlier this year, we featured Butcher Billy’s work called The Superhero Media Crossover Project. Here’s a new series, The Post-Punk/New Wave Super Friends, from this very talented graphic designer from Brazil. As a child of the 80s, he was heavily influenced by everything from Saturday morning cartoons on TV to the music coming from the […]

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Atom Ant, everyones ...well someone's favorite cartoon character. from a piece about Adam Ant

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