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The Addams Family House Where Every Night is Halloween

The Addams Family aired during the The show focused on the rather unconventional Addams family. It raised questions of what was "normal" and presented a mother figure, Morticia, who held just as much authority as her husband Gomez.


Based on Charles Addams' cartoon characters, 'The Addams Family' ran on ABC from 1964-66. "The series producer Nat Perrin was a close friend of Groucho Marx and writer of several Marx Brothers films. Perrin created story ideas, directed one episode, and rewrote every script. Much of the dialog is his (albeit uncredited). As a result, Gomez, with his sardonic remarks and ever-present cigar, has been frequently compared to Groucho Marx."


I FINALLY FOUND IT. gomez and mortica, but there is a twist, their Jack and Sally. two of my All time best movies mashed together!!! THANK YOU TO WHOEVER MADE THIS, you made my day!!!