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Addison's Disease. Insidious and usually progressive hypofunctioning of the adrenal cortex. Both mineralcorticoids and glucocorticoids are deficient. Symptoms most often include hyperpigmentation and hypotension. Adrenal crisis can manifest as asthenia, severe lower body pain, peripheral vascular collapse, and (if allowed to progress) renal shut down. Many patients who lose adrenal function appear fine, but experience crisis when under physiologic stress; shock and fever may be only…

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Insulated Addison's disease adrenal insufficiency weather proof zippered pouch case with options toss in your pack or purse

For patients with Addison's disease ( adrenal insufficiency ): insulated, weather proof, zippered pouch / case (with options of belt loops, clip, d ring). Carry emergency meds in case / kit in the event of adrenal crisis / Addison's crisis. Ambulances in some states do not carry emergency steroid injections. Make sure you carry your own and wear a medic alert bracelet.