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Addition Properties Anchor Chart

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Math Properties- Connecting with the Terms (

Math Properties- Connecting with the Terms | | Bloglovin’

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Here's a nice foldable on properties of addition.

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Anchor chart: Addition properties

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Here's a nice form for focusing on addition properties and solving problems.

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Properties of Addition Game

Reusable at a center. I still think that it's less important that kids know the NAMES of the properties, though, than just understanding what they mean.

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More Flippables from 4mulaFun Fans

Addition Properties Flippable

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Associative Property of Addition Worksheet 5

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Addition and Subtraction Unit and a Freebie

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This mini booklet is a great resource to have on hand when teaching your kiddos about the three addition properties. Your students can explain each property, and show examples and non-examples of each as well. There are also blank pages for your students to illustrate each property using pictures (their favorite part!).This covers the Identity Property, Associative Property and Commutative Property.

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