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Adele Photos Photos - Singer Adele has fun playing peak a boo for the camera while enjoying a few drinks with friends. - Singer Adele Toying with the Paparazzi

Adele Without Makeup. I want to be her buddy.

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Adele without makeup selfie

Adele New Album in a Makeup-Free Selfie The Pop Goddess: Adele You could say the British singer-songwriter has had a good year. Her album 21 topped charts in the U., and she walked away with six Grammys,… Continue Reading →

Adele for Time Magazine | LOLO❤︎

Makeup that is so classy and perfectly balanced between capturing attention and staying subtle

Celebrity Guess Who - She is lovely without makeup!  But I wouldn't have known this is....Adele!  (9 Celebrities Who Are Almost Unrecognizable Without Makeup | Daily Makeover)

9 Celebs Shed Their Makeup For Twitter: Which Look Do You Prefer?

Adele Photos Photos - Adele seen leaving The Roundhouse in Camden after her Performance at the I-Tunes Festival in London. - Adele Leaves Her iTunes Festival Performance

Adele Goes Without Makeup for Rolling Stone

Adele Goes Without Makeup for Rolling Stone, Plus 8 Fascinating Tidbits