The talents of some of our most brilliant kids may never be recognized because these children fall into a group known as twice exceptional, or "2e". These kids are both gifted and diagnosed with a disability—often ADHD or an Autism Spectrum Disorder—leading teachers and parents to overlook the child's talents and focus solely on weaknesses. This book sheds light on this vibrant population, identifying who twice exceptional children are and taking an unflinching look at why they're stuck.

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ADHD and Autism are both mental disorders that cause focus and behavioral issues – but the similarities end there. See the differences between these two conditions in this simple infographic.

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An expert answers a parent's question about whether ADHD and autism are related.

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Autism, ADHD, Aspergers Classroom Management Tools | Special Needs Teaching Strategies | Special Education Resources | Sensory Tool Kit | Break Box by Fun and Function

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The Kid-Friendly ADHD & Autism Cookbook: The Ultimate Guide to the Gluten-Free, Casein-Free Diet, Pamela J. Compart, Dana Laake, Jon B. Pangborn. Pinner writes: "Contains info regarding food dyes & additives. Pam & Dana know what works for kids. Fantastic resource for the diets that make a difference. Follow their advice! Contains a medical explanation for how casein & gluten affect the brain. If you know someone suffering from ADD or ADHD, this is a wonderful resource for natural…

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Strategies for Strengthening Inhibitory Control. Inhibitory control is the ability to suppress the processing or expression of information that would disrupt the efficient completion of the goal at hand. Excellent for children with ADHD and/or Autism.

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ADHD behavior issues often partner with ODD, making discipline a challenge. Here are strategies for managing and treating an angry, defiant child.

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