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Essential Oils for ADHD and ADD! Put aside the harmful and unnecessary synthetic medicines and see the power of God's healing herbs! Feel free to sign up and order with my sponsor number! Allison Ruggs 1525660

Essential Oils

Young Living Essential Oils: School. For more info or to order


How and Why to Use an Essential Oils Nebulizer

My 4 year old Daughters daily routine using Young Living Oils to control her extreme hyperness and inability to focus. We use Valor, Peace & Calming, Cedarwood, Lavender, and Stress Away everyday. YL independant distributor member #1811388. #lemondropper

Do you or your child suffer from ADD or ADHD? These can help improve your concentration and focus!


If used carefully you may very well find that essential oils enhance focus in children with ADHD and attention issues. Essential oils are not a cure, but it seems they can be used to calm your child and may help to improve concentration.