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Free to print adoption certificates. There is a blue and green one that would loo cute with the other Minted decorations.

I'm making an "adoption" table for my daughters adoption party. Bought several stuffed animals and each child at the party will pick one to "adopt" and get an adoption certificate. This is adorable.

Free printable dog adoption kit

Free printable dog adoption kit in pink or blue! This sweet set includes a certificate of adoption, printable circles, a dog treat recipe, and treat bag tags.

Paw Patrol Party: FREE printable doggy adoption certificate

Paw Patrol Party: FREE printable doggy adoption certificate fire hydrant on bathroom door, wipe your paws with purell

A certificate for adopting a pet cat

blank adoption certificate for a adopt a puppy birthday party - Fill dog bed with stuffed animal puppies for kids to choose to adopt and fill out a certificate like this one

ending favor result: puppy, sleeping mat, puppy treats (in this pic: cocco puffs), tennis ball, adoption certificate, collar w/ tag from scrapbook tag, vitamins

{Puppy Shop Party

Puppy Party -- more cute ideas for a puppy themed birthday party. Kids can adopt a puppy and then put supplies (puppy chow, dog collar, etc) into their goodie bag, along w/a birth certificate.

fake adoption certificate

A Certificate of Adoption is an official document to be signed by the Judge when an adoption is finalized. This certificate will be required in order for a